Pro Coaching

Leigh Cook - Cookies Transformations

Serious about transforming into the best possible version of yourself?
Join ‘Cookies Transformations’ team today! 🤝🏼
Whatever your goal may be Build muscle. Off-season plan. General weight-loss. Long-term healthy lifestyle change. Bodybuilding competition preparation

Kathryn Owens - KO Nutrition & Coaching

I have a passion for fitness and health, I studied nutrition, lifestyle coaching and personal training leading me to opening my business in 2021. My main goal is to help people to transform their lives, find happiness, and body and mind confident. 

Jay Khulu Baggaley - Khulu Legacy

At Khulu Legacy, we offer premium coaching services but at affordable prices.
Our main coach Jay Khulu Baggaley is qualified to level 4 in personal training and gym instruction, level 4 in nutrition and has a long track record of helping people seeking a wide variety of goals.

Mike Chappell - Bulldog Fitness

On my own journey into the fitness lifestyle, and building up the qualifications as I develop my own body and mind let me help you so you can join me on this amazing journey of discovery and changes.

Never more than 3-4 clients for maximum attention